Sunday, January 08, 2006

St Johns - Sunday

Today was a lovely Sunday. We had first planned to go to the 7:30 am service at Church, but since Anne and Tripti needed a good rest, we changed plans and went for the 9:30 service. St. John’s Church is a beautiful 18th Century Fort Garrison Church in the Vellore Fort. A lot of Christians from Vellore attend the 2 services and many of the Vellore Kids are part of its Sunday school. We've been there since kids, taught SUnday school there too - but havn't been so active now that we are into PG and stuff.
I’m happy we went for the second service, because it was a sung communion service. And I just love the CSI sung service. There is a song “We do not presume to come, to this thy table, merciful Lord, trusting in our own uprightness…” It’s a preparation prayer for Lords Supper and stirs so many emotions that it’s powerful. Dr. Mammen Chandy (yes, my hematologist) gave the sermon today and it was wonderful. The topic was sharing the word of God and I think his thoughts on the subject were beautiful. In essence he said that God’s word – if it impacts us then we become the best News castors there is because the “sharing” is out of our own experiences and life. We may choose to ‘share’ Gods word in various ways – and that is each individual’s choice, be it by action or words. He gave an example of a young Hindu boy’s father who had written in 15 years after they had been cured of Leukemia to thank the team and say he saw Jesus in the team that treated the Boy. What a testimony!
We had a major shopping session on the way back from Church. It’s been a while since I’ve been allowed to freely roam the supermarkets and had great fun filling up trolley with drinks and cheese! How silly the simple things in life are, but how we take them for granted!
My father has driven down to Bangalore to bring my grandmother. They should be home later in the evening. Else today seems to be what God intended – a day of rest. Zzzz. No complaints!!


sheela said...

great to know about church service normally i do enjoy the service of the lord supper.I prefer singing all songs so loud. Hay heard from Prof.Chandy about you he said he had met you in vellore .He is back i just spoke to him i had some work so i had called him. My prayers are alwasy with you and your family if i come India will surely meet you and anne. say hi to her too

KESI said...

"How silly the simple things in life are, but how we take them for granted!"
So true.

hope and love said...

hmm true.. its the simple plesures that makes life so beautiful...

ET said...

Your blog brings back so many memories, its amazing! St.Johns reminded me of Jairus' daughter - A skit we put up in sunday school.I sang this song for sushil who played Jesus. (u know what he sounded like when his voice was breaking..he he)

"Dont worry my son, have faith in me, all will be well, its not too late, dont give up hope, your only child , will indeed be safe, have faith in me!"