Saturday, January 28, 2006


I was so full of beans in the morning, left at 6:45 AM, for the clinical meeting which was by our surgical ICU, about pneumonia's in patients left on ventilators. The Laparoscopic workshop followed and was kicked off for the day by a pannel discussion on liver metastasis in Colorectal cancer. Both were great sessions.
I headed back home at lunch time with Amma. Was quite tired. I have been pushing myself quite a bit and I think the effects have taken their toll on my body.
The sad thing is Cherry had gone back to Bangalore. He has a band that needs to practice, and He's taking his music ministry quite seriously. On the way back from dropping him off on the bus, Anne and I stopped the car on the road once at a lovely book fair in town - all sorts of books at a throw away price. Anne loves to read, so was quite happy to spend time flipping through the books on display. After the book sale, we stopped at a little cafe to just sit out and enjoy a coke and talk. It's been such a long time since we could just stop at any shop on the road, sit out and enjoy the evening and cars driving by! Till now everybody has been just waiting to whisk me back home, or make sure Im wearing my mask while I'm out!

Anyway, started my day full of beans and ended it feeling quite pooped!
Need to learn my limits and try not to overdo my activity for each day. I'llCrash out early because my legs ache and head hurts.. Anne and Tripti have their interviews on Monday - please keep that in your prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Thank God Anne likes to read. Koby would have a real distate for books if Anne was like u in this respect!