Thursday, December 08, 2005

Chemo day in hospital

6:30 am and we were up ready to go to hospital for Chemo 6. Today would be a long day and we were prepared.
rituximab - featured alongside in that bottle is a drug that identifies a marker CD 20 on my tumour and latches on so that the body trashes the cell. It's expensive, but good stuff. 4 hours of that, 4 hours of methotrexate and vincristine. A long day it was....
But I read Lance Armstrong today -It's not about the bike. For me who chooses not to read it was a great acheivement. The book inspired me and made me realize that many of the thoughts that go through 'us cancer patients' are so universal. Emotions so common and hope so vital. I've placed an nice excerpt from the book on my Thoughts link.
Anne's parents spent the day with me in the room. The meal amma (anne) cooked for lunch was so yummy - I could taste the key ingredient - love. That really makes all the difference. My bald head sweats in agreement!

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