Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My baby's ultrasound.

Anne and I are having a baby. Around 20 weeks it's time to take an ultrasound to see if the baby is doing well. I must admit that going for the first ultrasound is not really an easy thing on the mind. With all that's been going on - how would we have reacted to news that the baby was'nt doing well? I thought about it- but we've placed ourselves into God's hands and the baby too - there will only be 'perfect' to be expected.
And so it was - "PERFECT" As our doctor (Dr. G) did the scan I could see our babies face, it's brain, it's spine, each little finger,each toe, the heart with all it's chamber's, it's umblical cord - this little bump on Anne's tummy was now so much more - I think it's got her chin. I could only watch in awe as the probe passed up and down our baby.
Having this baby is such a miracle. Chemo may make you sterile - or so I was told, and even with artificial methods the chances of conception are complex and unnatural. We actually realized that we are going to be parents a month before I realized I had Lymphoma and looking back the perfect timing of the entire thing has never ceased to amaze us. 'Everything happens for a reason' and 'there is Gods pupose in all that happens to us' - people hide behind not saying this in the arguement that it's too cliche' - but it is remakably true.
PS - this picture isn't Koby, i had my camera in my pocket but didn't take it out (idiot)
Any way we have to get down to choosing a name - I refer to the baby as Koby (greek for baby Jacob), but have to search for something more. suggestions anyone?


silverine said...

How about Mirari if it is a girl and Mirus if it is a boy. Both mean Miracle :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tarun, Went thru your blog. Keep on writing. Cudnt resist searching abt ur illness. Was quite relieved when I read that it is very much curable. Take care.
With prayers,
a surfer.

Jaycee said...

Congratulations! I love the picture of that ultrasound, brings me back to the time when I had the ultrasounds of my daughter. Seeing their tiny spinal cords on the scan is just amazing, you know?


Thanu said...

Jonathan and Joshua are my fav male names. But everyother kid these days are named Jonathan and Joshua. I like Jermiah too. Andrew is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

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