Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Garlic chicken

Today started fairly early by my recent standards. Anne and I had our morning prayers at the breakfast table, a result of her getting up much earlier than I do to study. (gulp! guilt...)
I had decided to make some chicken today - I am getting fairly bored of our maid's cooking and I volunteered. Mid morning - and I wondered if I made a mistake. Garlic chicken from B.F. Varghese was the plan and I made some bold modifications like grinding some cashewnuts and chilli powder into the 'masala'. Anne and Appa are down with a cold, their taste buds are shot and are sniffing away - they both said it was good... he! he! I shall accept the compliments with all humility- as is my very nature. Tripti also said it was good... but she's such a gourmet cook that i think she's a con and is promoting budding talent.
Anne studied quite a bit today and kept reminding me that I was doing nothing much of great service to humanity. I have a "Cochrane review", a smart(?) idea I thought of but I only generate bursts of energy to work at it. It's a research option that involves looking at a lot of publications on a particular topic (anal fistula in my case) and making an good evidence based meta-analysis. I wonder anyone understood that?
Our maid made me Vadai - greedy me ate too many and I am now not going to do my dinner juistice. Tripti is eating a Vadai and my grandmother montoring her to make sure she leaves some for my mom.

Anne and I went out for a walk this evening and I went crazy with the camera. I hope you can get how beautiful it is to walk through CMC campus in the evening.
We met a couple of people on the way - One was a Doctor who was in the department I was working when I first got my chest Xray and I asked for leave - I told her it may be Tuberculosis and asked her for leave then. She said she was praying for us and I know she like many others have genuine concern. I met Anna aunty too who gave me todays poem (Dr. MC and Anna inspire us everyday with poety, verse or thoughts on a card paper).

Thats it for the day I guess - i'm tired and I have to get some work done on my meta-analysis so a very pictoral goodbye from anne!

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