Saturday, December 10, 2005

The star

Today I dont feel so good. The methotrexate has burnt ulcers into my oesophagus and stomach

and the job of sitting on the jon is not something I can write publicly about -lets just say it feels like passing glass. The Vincristine has burnt my fingers and I cant feel my fingertips. But the upside is I havnt puked this time! :)

The medical students are going to come tonight for their carol rounds. It's a fun night for them, and we are all excited. My mom has been in the kitchen all afternoon preparing soup for them. They will land up late tonight, but boy will they be grateful for the soup. Tripti is helping amma bake a date cake. The picture above is my grandmother and me slicing dates for the cake.

I got the star out today. It looks so beautiful and sets the house in the mood for the season. Today our lunch conversation was about what we can do as a family for the CMC community. My mother wants our house to be a centre where students and young people can get together for prayer and bible study. The real star signified where Jesus - a life changing person was to be born. Jesus showed us what love means. This star on our home I know, shows all who come that there is love here too - because my mom shows it in a day to day way - I only hope I can show half as much love as she does in my life - to my patients, to my family....

If only everyone had some sort of star in their lives.

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