Sunday, December 11, 2005


For anyone who may be looking to see what my chemo was and if how I reacted to it may help how you do! I've got stage 1B, bulky Primary mediastinal Large B cell lymphoma. The plan is 3 months of 12 chemo sessions with maybe 4-6 weeks of radiation. Dr. Mammen Chandy and Dr. Alok Srivasthava probably the best hematologists in the world are in charge.
MACOP-B. These are the acronym of the deadly stuff I'm getting to fight my lymphoma. M -Methotrexate. Yellow stuff, runs in for 4 hours and needs to be "rescued" from doing damage to normal tissue in 24 hours by folic acid. Constipates, causes ulcers all over the place and can nauseate. A -Adriamycin. Pink stuff, looks like rose water but it really burns your veins. The stuff causes such pain in your vessels that they just thrombose and blacken out. My fingers look like I deal with coal- not cool! C - cyclophosphamide. This is one of the scary ones. It can cause bloody urine if I dont piss frequently enough, hemorrhagic cyctitis is the medical term, and with the Adriamycin causes me horrible nausea. If you are on this drug drink fluids - easier said than done. 4 -5 liters is the reccomended fluids a day. O - Oncovin or Vincristine is a really quick drug to get, but makes your finger tips go numb. Scary because I'm repeatedly bruising them without realizing. P- Prednisolone. It's such a bitter pill, I am growing to hate it. It's a steroid and hence I've started to put on weight on my tummy and cheeks. It can cause gastritis and does so especially after my methotrexate days. B - Bleomycin can cause some lung damage, but this hasn't given me too much trouble yet.
Dr. Mammen has added a drug called Rituximab to the entire schedule - I get it week 3,6,9 and 12 it's still experimental in my type of lymphoma, but It's results on similar tumour are good and if he thinks it will help I believe him. Ritux can have have complications at the time of infusion, but if the first dose is tolerated then there isn't any problems with the next. So thats all I have to say about that ( forest gump style)
Carol rounds were lovely last night - the kids came at about 12 midnight and sang and sang for us. The hot soup and Date fudge was much appreciated - it was pretty cold though.
Amma had a choice too for the carollers- "Mary's boy child" - hey that's me! he ! he!


Katpadi Murali said...

Doctor, You are really a great Person. I am really moved by your Blog. I wish you a Very Speedy Recovery and Wish many People in the Society benefit from the services of you and Your Wife .Life is a Long Journey and I am sure God bestows you with great determination to lead a Happy and peaceful Life. I shall Visit you during my Next trip to Vellore.

Katpadi Murali said...

Doctor. Good Post and Nice to read. Take care and praying for your early recovery.