Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Old library days

I managed to get some work done last night. I sat in the library with Anne and read a bit from my Surgery text books. It’s a nice feel to study in the library here in College. It was my haunt as a student (only pre-exams though). The librarians remember us from our college days and they have been keeping me in their prayers. Every time I go in they ask how I am doing and are really nice. My friend Abhilash used to sit outside the Lib and read his books spawled over my bike - he was there to watch the girls though! - He's now a MD Medicine resident. The picture here is a group of us who went to BBC - Bagayam biriyani centre for lunch.
Back then as a student in study holidays Anne and I aimed to reach the Lib at 8 AM when it opened – I would invariably be late and charge in at 8:30 on my bike (the Librarian would give me a ‘late again?’ look) , smile, sit sheepishly next to Anne- study for ten minutes then excuse myself to go eat breakfast! Hopeless!! God knows how I made I through Med school. Anne is one of those sit now – never get off your butt type of study types. I am totally opposite in that way. Heck we are opposites is so many ways – but opposites attract don’t they!
Tomorrow I have my pulmonary function test at 8:30 am and a patient from my thesis follow up is here so I have to go and check him out. I am doing my surgery Thesis on rectal pressures using a manometer (Anal manometry) and since I am on chemo and sticking fingers up a rectum are not allowed –Anne is going to help me. "for better or worse" there is no doubt this is the worse! It should take half an hour –if all goes well.
Appa will come in from his meeting in Delhi late tonight – we will have to defrost him in the microwave – the temperature is 6 degrees there! Aaaagh!


susna said...


Although I don't know you, I was happy to read your posts. I came across your site while I was leaving a comment for Kesi. I just wanted to encourage you, my friend, and say I have been through a similar trial as yours...well not me persay, but my dearest aunt, Beena Thomas, age 33.

Please view her website...
The site is a music site by her husband, Jacob...who wrote these songs during their time of trial when she was diagnosed with Lymphoma. There is a section on the site in which she writes her testimony of someone living with this form of cancer.

One year later, she is 100% healed. We traveled to India this past summer to tell her friends and family the good news. We also have this testimony on CD if you are interested, please send me your mailing address if you'd like a copy. God is good...all the time.

God Bless you and Annie!

--Susan Kurikeshu

email: sak2345@aol.com

me said...

hey...maybe u've heard this before, but can't resist telling you this....
u give me hope...you're one hell of a cool guy!!

WA said...

Nice one, but got to say though that some of them in that picture look more like local dhadhas than rowdies :)

WA said...

oops I meant looked more like local dadas/rowdies than docs :)

Arun R said...

Well, I thought these last minute visits to the libraries were engineering college tales...... u r proving me wrong !!!! ;) ;) ;)

Tarun Jacob said...

If you knew some of the stuff we've been upto Dhadha's/rowdies would be putting it mild :)
Thank you for your kind words, hope and Light we are all called to be. As for being a cool guy - well!.....