Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"Your tumour less than 50%"

Today was a busy day. I woke up early to make a mutton biriyani - I'd planned it out last night, had the recipie out and measured out the ingredients. But Dr. B from hematology called mid morning to say that since tomorrow was going to be the 7th cycle of chemo (mid way), I'd need to get a CT scan done before I came in. So I was told to keep nil orally and go in at 2:30 pm for the scan.
The cooking plans got shelved, and I went off to town to pay my mobile phone bill (absolutely loony system which involves standing in line for an hour to deposit a cheque). Watched as the rest of the family wolfed down grub - 'rumble, growl!', and drove to hospital alone for my scan. The scan didn't take too long, but having the line started for the contrast hurt a bit. I went over to Dr. R to have her look at my films. She's the head of radiology here and a foster mother to Anne and me. She took one look and said "your tumour is down by 50% in 40 days!" Every day we have so many reasons to be happy, grateful to God and hopeful and today was no different!
Anne is doing better today too, she had a bad gastritis yesterday probably due to her Iron medication but was up and about today. The snap alongside is one of Anne and my mom together in my hospital room.


JamesBright said...

I am very pleased to hear that your tumour is shrinking now.
My sincere wishes to you and your family.
I am also working in haematology.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

koby's growth seems to be inversely proportional to the tumour's growth!good going...

rachel said...

hey was going through your snaps....Was Vinodha in your class?(looks like she's there in the Joseph musical!) Well, sorry if it wasn't her. Would be great if you'd lemme know if it was her. Sorry if this is asking for too much.
thnx :)

Jithu said...

guess i have to pay a visit to ur house once to eat the mutton biriyani. :-) being outside kerala i miss all those cuisines of kerala :-(

Sushil said...

I came across your blog today from the Melam aggregator. I couldnt help but read through your earlier posts as well. You have a very good and positive way of writing about a very tough subject. I admire your courage and wanted to say that Im sure your writing will be a source of inspiration for a lot of others. So please do keep posting when you can. I hope to be a regular reader as I have added you to my RSS subscriptions (could you enable full feeds though please?).

I do wish you the best in your fight against cancer and want to see you win the fight. And also congrats on the good news about going to be a father that is indeed a great joy and a blessing. As you said in an earlier post ...there may be negatives in your life which seem pretty big but you have many great positives as well to override the negatives.