Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday again

I love Sunday, even though I'm at home everyday and it's a holiday all the time - Sundays have a special feel to it. Difficult to say why though. I woke up so hungry that I told Anne to study and hold onto our quiet time together until I had bite to eat. The Steroids are terrible at times - they increase appetite and redistribute fat is such a silly way, around the tummy and face. I actually look more pregnant than Anne does now!
I watched an old movie this morning - The Day of the Jackal. Was so-so. I attempted a short run outside the house, but was flat out after 150 mts. Funny what life does to you, I had the college gold in the second year for 100 mts - now I cant even jog around my own house.
My left hand hurts today - It's something I find after a few days of the Adriamycin- Cyclophosphamide combination. Some vessel or the other thromboses and the pain sometimes makes it difficult to flex my hand. I've just bought some thrombophobe ointment and put it on hope it works.
This evening was the family carol service in Chapel - I wanted us all to sing, but chickened out in the morning. Feel guilty about that now though. There were some lovely carols sung by families on the campus. My foster parents Dr Vargese and Rekha Cherian sang with their Children - It was beautiful. "Foster Parents" is a term in CMC for staff whose home is randomly assigned to become second homes for children who come from around the country to study in CMC. Anne adopted herself into their home in College and I followed! he! he! We have other foster parents too and maybe i'll talk about them more as I get along.
Dinner tonight is a pork curry and I've got a picture of Amma getting food ready while I blog.


Anonymous said...

Yo man,
Better mention your other fosters soon or u no hu will get a severe complex!!
Shulda sung in the chapel!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey this is a nice blog that you have here. Read through them all .. interesting. You definitely inspire a lot of people like me. Keep these posts coming Tarun!


WA said...

I like Sundays too, only because I can sleep in :) And as to getting oneself adopted by local families, hee hee I excel in that too. I have an invite to spend Christmas and Boxing day with a lovely Dutch family here, I am so looking forward to it.