Friday, December 23, 2005

Friends at dinner

Last night two good friends and classmates from college – Abhilash and Lijo came home for a visit. Both are doing their General Medicine postgrad here in CMC. They actually landed up at home when Anne and I had gone for our walk – and came searching campus in Lijo’s Santro Xing, picked us up and brought us back home! Abhilash had just been home and was showing us photo’s of Anand’s wedding that we’d missed (sob!). He was actually on call, but handed over his bleep and came to see us when Lijo said he was headed here.
It was a nice time, they stayed for dinner and we had a load of fun. Abhi is the type who can put away any amount of food and never gets fat. He does have a small tummy now though!
The children on the campus were supposed to come caroling last night – I made some fresh popcorn and Amma fried some fryums, but they never landed up at our home!? Anyway that means I have a lot to snack on today.
I have been listening to some new music - Dream theatre. It’s quite good. A bit like a similar group Anand introduced me to called Nightwish.
I was really tired last night and crashed out early. By Gods grace yesterday’s chemotherapy only made me tired. No nausea or any other side effects. I am trying to keep drinking lots of fluids, it's not easy when it's cold and fed up of all the types of juice thats around. Anne and Tripti are hard at work.


WA said...

Hmmmm I do like popcorn. But also wanted to pop by and wish you and lovely Anne a very Happy Christmas. Hope you guys have fun

Anandini said...

Hi Tarun.
Ive been followin ur blog entries for a while now, and Ive finally decided to drop a line.
Uve inspired me in many ways, merely by ur humble gestures of being positive of negativeness,something Ive always tried to behold!
Thank you, for bringing its essense back to me, for Ive somehow lost track of stayin positive...
I've decided to be a regular here...
Wish you and your wonderful family a Merry Blessed Christmas.
~Anandini Sandra Saykeran