Monday, December 19, 2005

My project

Today Appa gave me a project to do - to make a news letter for the family to send to friends and close family about what 2005 has been to the Jacob's. I spent the morning carefully penning down a little of what the year has held for each of us and was surprised at how much we as a family have gone through and how at the end of a year that held so much how we have matured in response and faith.
To me this year has meant having Anne with me finally after she finished her Bond in Palakad. Even though we had the bond to fulfill in 2 different places, it can be a royal pain being married and living 2 states apart for nearly 2 years. So I am most grateful this year that we have finally formed a home rather than be married and live in 2 places. It has been the greatest thing to set up room (can’t really say home) as a “family man”. He! He!
Amma has had to deal with a lot of ill health with her heart and thyroid giving her trouble, as well as falling down the stairs and fracturing her ankle in October. I guess the year was one that was planned for us to be faced with extra large challenges and also see ways of being led through them too.
The year has also been one of good things - Anne and I are going to have a baby, and we have some sort of clue as to where God is leading us to work for the future.
Today on the whole has been good. I have made a few changes to the blog – placed a few links of blogs I have been compulsively checking as they are great encouragements to me. I have also placed my favorite verse on the side bar.
I plan to study a bit tonight, am waiting to see what the Cochrane collaboration will say about my topic, just hope they don’t rubbish it!
My left arm still hurts and the thrombophobe isn’t really working, and my fingers are getting blacker by the dayand losing more sensation! I’ll stick in a pic to show you what it looks like – but that’s not much use if you can’t compare it to pre chemo.


JamesBright said...

My best wishes to you Tarun....
Hope you will be in remission soon..
Have a Merry Christmas

Doctor Bruno said...

Hi Few Suggestions....

1. Add the links for the archvie
2. Modify the layout a bit so that the page looks uniform

geetha said...

Hi. That's a good family project. Good luck.

My best wishes to you and your family for this new year. Take care of yourself and Anne.

Merry Chirstmas!

Shikha Bhattacharji said...

Tarun!! i'm home - so call me when youre watching the next movie! super to see all the snaps - keep the blog going!!

ps. i have an interesting christmas present for anne and you!! :)