Wednesday, December 07, 2005

a trip to town

Anne's parents came from Kerala today here and and there they are just above this text. They arrived at 4 am and lazy me was fast asleep -not without good reason though - I had actually done some work on my Cochrane review. Hurrah! I had a document ready today to e-mail my boss. I slept at 2 am in an effort to finish work before my next chemo down.
Anne's mom made a delicious chicken curry for lunch, and I ate like a pig. It's funny how everybody loves to watch my head sweat as I enjoy good food. Hey! anyone with bald heads out there - do you sweat when you enjoy your food, i'm curious to know?
Post lunch - i put my finishing touches to my review and set off to hospital. My cousin has come down from Madras and is admitted with a suspected leptospiral infection. I hope it settles without going into its potential complications. His family treated me like a son when I stayed a month with them in my 12th standard, and went to coaching classes before medical school exams.
Anne took my blood samples as usual in our room and we took my grandmother for one of her endless refitting of her teeth. My counts are 8000 - yipee!my albumin is high, double yipee! so next chemo should go according to schedule. Anne's OB appointment is full for this week so I get to see my baby on a scan only next week thats great because this weeks chemo will knock me out and I may have missed the appointment.
Another day ends and I am convinced that God gives us more positives than negatives in a day. The problem is we tend to foucs more keenly on that one negative and forget the five positives. I can almost imagine the big boss grinning from above above and saying - hey man I gave you a good deal!- I AGREE.
Good night - (Anne's) appa and I are going out for a late night walk.

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