Sunday, December 25, 2005

A perfect Christmas

Today is Christmas. Lizzie ammama and Appu acchachan arrived at 1am in the morning – we started the day for them with a warm drink (which got mixed up!), and settled down to sleep at 2am.
Anne and I went to the service at our Church, and left at 7:45, the rest were sleepy and planning to work on the mutton. Pastor Irwin, our Presbyter had a very relevant message and spoke today of Gods perfect timing. Though Jesus was talked of in the book of Isaiah, we had to wait for Gods time till he came, and similar instances. I could not agree more, though our trials Gods perfect timing has been the encouragement that keeps reminding us that he has things under control.
Lunch was lovely – Amma’s roast lamb was delicious. I’ve put in a picture, though if you could link taste and smell into a blog link, I would have done that – just to give you a fell of what a lovely lunch we had.
The afternoon was spent with Lizzie ammama. We spent time catching up on many things and talking. We are both very happy today to hear from someone we both know, who has Hodgkins and got back in touch by an e-mail today to greet me for Christmas. He has been on Chemo and is not having such a great time.
Two students I taught Anatomy, popped over in the evening – Bichu and Gemlyn spent time chatting with them. Shikha had bought me a lovely Christmas gift, a fun book on learning Oriya (will be useful when we get to Baripada), Dr MC Mathew and Anna aunty had brought us a lovely potted plant (name and picture will feature later!).Dinner to was incredible – with Mashed potato, stir fry vege’s, ham, and tomato soup. We retire to bed, fed well both body and soul. As tiny Tim says “God bless us everyone”. I hope everyone had a Christmas as full of Joy as I did.


Anonymous said...

Been reading your blogs for sometime now. Bet you wont add my comment to your blog post this time too. But that isnt gonna stop me from commenting.. hehe. Glad you had a wonderful Christmaas and here is wishing you a wonderful New Year ! May all your dreams come true.

Tarun Jacob said...

I am really sorry about that, I was just told that there is a comment moderation on my blog and I've taken it off. Please feel free to comment - it's been such an encouragement to hear from others. Thanks - but I'm only becoming more and more blog literate with time!

sheela said...

It is nice to know that your christmas was too great as you mentioned your body and soul were being fed i know you must have had really wonderful time.It was ok for me here first christmas away from family with friends was great enjoyment iam not contardicting i guess you can understand me .See my mail in yahoo.try to reply if you can . I will wait for the reply tarun.